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To increase the level of service to our members for the 2018-19 season, the leadership group is expanding to include three or four sub-committees:

  • Recruitment Sub-Committee working with the Membership Manager to attract and retain members by ensuring the club offers relevant programs to the skiing community;
  • Media Sub-Committee working with the PR Manager to improve communications and engagement with active and prospective members;
  • Ski-Vacations Sub-Committee working with the Ski Vacations Manager to bring well-managed and cost-effective ski vacation opportunities to our members.
  • Nordic Skiing Sub-Committee working with the Nordic Skiing Manager (if one is found) to initiate the development and operation of a new Nordic Skiing Program.

These positions are opportunities to develop your social and leadership capacities through team building with the executive committee and your professionalism through being the link between PSP, the executive committee and the members of the ski club.

For additional information or to apply for these positions, please contact