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The Public Relations Manager chairs the Media Sub-Committee and is responsible to:

  • Coordinate all communication (English and French) with both members and non-members to ensure that this communication is a responsible and accurate representation of the Club, its activities and its values;
  • Develop, chair and provide leadership to the Media Sub-Committee to coordinate public face of:
    • Web sites (English and French);
    • Newsletter (bilingual);
    • BookKing program descriptions and registration information (bilingual);
    • Posters (bilingual);
    • DND and CAF publications (bilingual); and
    • Social media (language of the originator):
      • Facebook;
      • Twitter;
      • Instagram; and
      • Other social media;
  • Ensure up-to-date posters are available (in PDF) in various sizes and content for posting within and outside the NCR;
  • Recruit people in DND-occupied buildings in the NCR to arrange for and to post posters promoting the Club and its benefits;
  • Identify and maintain contact with representatives at bases outside the NCR to arrange for posters (customized) promoting the Club and benefits appropriate to the base's location; and
  • Identify various media e.g. Guard of Honour, NCR-Wide emails, etc. and arranges for appropriate material to be published in a timely manner;
  • Participate as a member of the Communications Team to ensure that membership promotional information such as posters, Reasons documents, websites, and social media are complete and up to date;
  • Collaborate with the Membership Manager to coordinate Club's participation in recruitment initiatives and promotional events like PSP fairs, Family Appreciation days, the Ski and Snowboard Show, etc. to ensure the presence is capably managed to present the Club in the best light possible and to achieve the objectives established for the event;
  • Collaborate with the Membership Manager to ensure that the Club's Open House and Annual General Meeting is capably managed so that there is strong member participation in order that as many members as possible participate in the formal business portion of the meeting; and
  • Prepare the Marketing/Promotion portion of the annual budget.

This position is an opportunity to develop your social and leadership capacities through team building with the executive committee and your professionalism through being the link between PSP, the executive committee and the members of the ski club.

For additional information or to apply for this position, please contact