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The club would like to expand our program mix to include Nordic skiing. However, in order to do this, the club requires a committed individual to develop and lead the program. This is a wonderful opportunity to build a popular program from scratch but with some resources already available. With the existing opportunities at Hylands Gold Club along with the opening of the Carling Campus, there is high potential for this program in the NCR.

The Nordic Skiing Manager who will be responsible to:

  • Develop and chair the Nordic Skiing Sub-Committee to:
    • Identify resources for Nordic skiing available on DND and NCC properties and in the wider community;
    • Obtain or create maps and information (trail difficulty, parking, etc.) on appropriate trails in the region;
    • Organize information sessions on trails, technique, waxing and other activities to assist members increase their enjoyment of Nordic skiing;
    • Enlist Trip Leaders to organize outings to both local and overnight destinations;
    • Organize activities such as family fun days, socials, lessons, junior programs, Jackrabbit ski program, races, etc.
    • Arrange for discounted passes to Gatineau Park and other popular destinations for Nordic skiing;
    • Handle queries about Nordic skiing;
    • Ensure all information about the Nordic Skiing program on Club web sites and on social media is current and accurate;
  • Create relationships with other Nordic skiing clubs both locally and elsewhere in the CAF;
  • Work with other program managers to ensure that Nordic skiers can take advantage of existing Alpine-oriented programs e.g. day trips, ski vacations, equipment rentals, etc;
  • Propose options annually to the Club executive for program revision and for pricing; and
  • Prepare the Nordic Skiing portion of the annual budget.

This position is an opportunity to develop your social and leadership capacities through team building with the executive committee and your professionalism through being the link between PSP, the executive committee and the members of the ski club.

For additional information or to apply for this position, please contact